Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Bing Bing!

And no not this Bing. There has been a lot of discussion on Google News about Bing and no doubt in other blogs and discussion forums. Here's a quote from Tom Krazit writing on Cnet News June 9, 2009: in a piece entitled: 'Google's Schmidt dings Bing'.

"Bing has been well-received in its first trip around the Internet, but it obviously has an awfully long way to go before it makes a dent in Google's business. Still, with some in the search industry now wondering if Yahoo really intends to compete in search over the next few years, Bing may shape up as the only true alternative to Google."

Has anyone in international trade really had a good look at Bing - care to share your findings?

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Graeme S. said...

Here is an article which compares the three new search services - Bing, Wolfram/Alpha and Google Squared:

The post on "Disruptive Library Technology Jester" refers to a 'new service called “Blind Search” will allow you to run the same search across Bing, Google, and Yahoo and allow you to compare the results. The hits come back in three columns, but the search engine used to generate each column of hits isn’t revealed until you select the search engine that gave you the best results. So, in a blind test, you can see if one search engine is better than another in terms of the raw relevance ranked results without all of the additional bells and whistles of each service'.

The URL for Blind Search is: