Wednesday, July 30, 2008

A Maori Dimension

Last week July 21-25th was Maori Language Week in New Zealand. During that week searching and using Google in the Maori language or te reo was launched. Go to and try it out.

In the catalogue of the New Zealand School of Export I began using Maori subject headings from the thesaurus Nga Upoko Tukutuku hosted by the National Library of New Zealand. Some of the terms I will find useful are:

tauhokohoko - trade
hua - food produce sold for profit
putea - finance
tapoi - tourism

As the thesaurus is developing and evolving I am sure there will be more terms which can be used to make the ELIScat more useful to Maori. Are there any lists of trade terms in First Nations languages which others are using?


Saturday, July 19, 2008

Weightless economy

I was having a look at technorati today and came across this video clip on the weightless economy and New Zealand:

If you can't open this clip, copy it into your browser and it should open from there.
Here is a URL for weightless economy at the NZ Institute:

Tuesday, July 8, 2008


There has been quite a bit of discussion on another list which I am subscribed to about It is fascinating to be able to 'go into' this bookshop and browse... I thought I would have a look at their stock of books on exporting. The search 'export' brings up 18 matches today. There are one or two titles which are not to do with international trade but the majority belong to the 'how to start-up an export business' or 'how to build your exports'. There were/are two titles which could be regarded as academic covering export theory and practice.

Has anybody used it? Any comments?