Monday, March 24, 2008

NZSOE at VALA 2008 (3)

Kathryn Greenhill, Murdoch University, WA. Do we remove the walls? Second Life Librarianship.

  • This was one of the conference sessions which was most surprising and challenging for me. How could it relate to a Trade Library and Information Service?

  • Kathryn had created a whole world - 'a cultural archipelago with 40 islands' - a consistent fictional world

  • curating an Australian Libraries Island

  • Avatars, Islands, Buildings, Objects

  • Could we have exporter avatars? Lucy Commodity and James P.Roduct?

  • Could they go to a building to get information on exporting to Sweden where is a SL Embassy?

  • Could LIS set up a building? At what cost?

  • In following up Second Life, I found there is already the concept of businesses and organization in second life

  • Wikipedia article at:


Photo: Outside the New Zealand School of Export, Aokautere Park. Autumn morning 25 March 2008 / Graeme Siddle.

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